Volunteer Opportunities

How would you like to meet your neighbors, make new friends, and help your community at the same time?  If you are a resident of Kingsley, you live in a great neighborhood with plenty of caring and friendly people who can help to make that happen.  All small communities are dependent on the kindness of neighbors and the willingness of their residents to pitch in and help out.  There is no better way to get to know new faces and forge new friendships.  Please consider volunteering through one of the opportunities listed below:

City Officials 

City Commissioners serve two-year terms and the Mayor serves a four-year term.  Responsibility for various functions and activities that keep the city running are divided among the Commissioners, but there is much flexibility to accommodate individual strengths and interests.  

With respect to time commitments, City Commission meetings are held once per month, and Commissioners spend some time in between meetings in the fulfillment of their respective obligations, but the time investment is minimal.  The position of Mayor involves a more comprehensive set of responsibilities and commitment of time.  Except for the fixed schedule for monthly meetings, those who serve as officials, or as volunteers in any of the capacities listed below, enjoy a great deal of flexibility in consideration of work schedules and family commitments.

City Clerk and City Treasurer are two other positions critical to the successful operation of the City.  The City Clerk records, amends as appropriate, and publishes the minutes of the monthly meetings of the City Commission.  The City Treasurer collects and records the payment of property taxes and handles the various financial transactions required to keep the City functioning smoothly.  

For those who might be intimidated by the formality and procedures attendant to being a part of a City Commission meeting, we follow a fairly standard format, but with a good dose of friendly informality thrown into the mix.  Attendance at one meeting will be sufficient for your education about how things work.  Don't worry – we'll show you the ropes. 

Ethics Board

The Ethics Board, a three-person panel of residents appointed by the City Commission, insures the compliance by city officials with standards of conduct as defined by City ordinance.  Members serve a three year term.  Regularly scheduled meetings are not required, and the Board is inactive until such time as a situation might require their participation.

Tree Board

The Tree Board promotes the esthetic, environmental, and economic benefits of having a neighborhood that maintains a rich and diverse population of healthy trees.  They are also very active in making sure the park stays an attractive place for the enjoyment of persons of all ages (pets, too!).

Please consider serving on the tree board or volunteering some of your time to help out in the park and the traffic islands that dot the neighborhood.  

Neighborhood Activities

The city is also often looking for volunteers to help with a variety of miscellaneous activities (hanging Holiday decorations, spreading mulch in the park, organizing and supporting the Halloween parade and the Spring Egg hunt, spring and fall neighborhood cleanups, etc.).  Please consider giving a helping hand and a few hours of your time.

For information about serving in any of these positions, or about any of our many volunteer activities, please call the Mayor or one of your City Commissioners.  You can also use the link below to send us note to request more information or to express your interest in lending a hand.

City of Kingsley

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