If you have any questions or comments about services, ordinances, or any other matter related to the City of Kingsley, please call one of the following:

  • Mayor - Rebecca Beld: 452-6478
  • City Clerk - Marilyn Whisler: 262-2760   
  • Treasurer - Tom Schlindwein: 548-1834  

Each of the following individuals has his/her own areas of responsibility.  Please feel free to call them with questions or concerns.

  • Commissioner - Lesa Ferguson (Special Events, Street/Traffic Signs): 681-5570
  • Commissioner - Beryl Ward (Public Information, Landscaping, Snow Removal): 552-2555
  • Commissioner - Ron Peron (Newsletter, Street Repair/Repaving, Sidewalk Repairs): 805-1127
  • Commissioner - Chris McCoy [Mayor Pro Tem] (Trash/Recycling, Website): 456-2705

If you have questions or comments regarding trees or any other matter related to landscaping in the park or other public areas, please call one of the following members of the Tree Board:

  • Julio Campo: 459-5253
  • Phyllis Breuer: 452-2515
  • Susan Melcher: 459-0802
  • Lynn Smuskiewicz: 451-9672

You may also contact the city via email at:

  • info@cityofkingsley.org

or by clicking on the following link:

City of Kingsley

Jefferson County, Kentucky
City Officials
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The City of Kingsley is in Louisville Metro Council District 8.  
Our District 8 Councilman is Brandon Coan (Phone: 574-1108, ext. 3455.  Email: brandon.coan@louisvilleky.gov)
Brandon Coan Website: (www.louisvilleky.gov/MetroCouncil/Members/08/)
City Officials
Becky Beld
Beryl Ward
Chris McCoy
Lesa Ferguson
Ron Peron