Trash, Recycling, Yard Waste
Trash, recycling and yard waste collection for the City of Kingsley are contracted through Waste Management of Kentucky. If you have any problems with or concerns about any of their services, please call Waste Management at 966-0117. 

All services are from the curb and must be out by 6:00 a.m. on Tuesday.  When a holiday falls on Monday or Tuesday, collection will be delayed by one day.

Trash Collection

Regular household trash is collected on Tuesday.  Waste Management will collect up to 5 standard trash cans 30-32 gallons each, or 10 standard garbage bags.  Each family will be provided one 96 gallon wheeler from Waste Management.  If your house does not have a waste wheeler, contact Waste Management at 966-0117.  They will deliver the wheeler.  The wheeler should stay with the house if you are moving from the city. Items that will not be picked up are construction debris, hazardous materials, tires, batteries, liquids (such as oil or paint), and CFSs (such as Freon).

Note: If you want a second wheeler, the homeowner will be responsible for additional fees.

Recycling Collection

Recycling is collected on Tuesday. Acceptable recycles include # 1- 6 soft plastic household bottles or jars and other containers such as:

How to prepare items for recycling:  REMOVE & DISCARD LIDS IN TRASH, rinse and flatten, if possible.  Place papers in paper bag or in the bottom of your recycling container to prevent papers from blowing out. 

Backyard Trash Collection

If an elderly or disabled resident needs their trash collected at the rear of their home, call one of the Commissioners.  The Commissioner will contact Waste Management to arrange the service.

Yard Waste Collection

Yard waste is collected on Tuesday, all year round, by Waste Management.  Yard waste includes, grass, weeds, leaves, shrubbery, branches (not exceed 3 inches in diameter or 4 feet in length).  Yard waste must be placed in a 30-32 gallon trash can (up to 6) or in paper bags (up to 10) labeled “Yard Waste”.  (Per Louisville Metro ordinance, standard plactic bags are no longer allowed.)   Loose items should be bundled and not exceed 4 feet in length or 50 pounds.

Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees will be picked up throughout the year.

Salad dressing bottles
Milk/water jugs
Laundry/cleaning products containers
Juice, pop & soda bottles
Water bottles
Beer & wine bottles
Food jars
Tin food cans
Aluminum & Steel beverage cans
Aluminum foil and pie pans
Aerosol spray cans
All newspapers
Drink boxes, milk & juice cartons
Food boxes, cereal, etc. – Remove liners in boxes
Junk mail or other papers

Notice from Louisville Metro: Beginning January 1, 2015, residents who utilize yard waste collection services must use one of the following containers: reusable bin, paper yard waste bag or compostable plastic bag meeting ASTM D6400 standards.