By authority pursuant to statute, the City of Kingsley annually enacts an ordinance that authorizes collection of an Ad Valorem tax on personal property (real estate) for the purpose of funding its general operation.  

As of this writing, the Ad Valorem tax rate is $.33 per one hundred dollars ($100) valuation of property assessed for taxation.  Payment is per the following schedule:

  • Discount of 8% of base amount if paid in July, 2018
  • Base amount if paid in August, 2018
  • Base amount PLUS one time penalty of 10% of base amount if paid in September, 2018
  • Beginning October 1, 2018, base amount PLUS one time penalty of 10% of base amount PLUS 1% interest [simple interest, based on base amount] per month until paid
  • If taxes and penalties remain unpaid after March 31, 2019, a lien will be filed against the property and legal action for collection will be initiated.  If legal action for collection is taken, the delinquent taxpayer will be responsible for all legal costs and attorney fees, in addition to all past due taxes, penalties, and interest

Payments should be made to:  City of Kingsley, P.O. Box 5515, Louisville, KY 40255-0515

Please insure that your property taxes are paid on time.  The City expects and depends on prompt payment of taxes to maintain the economic health of our community.

City of Kingsley

Jefferson County, Kentucky