Tree Board

The City of Kingsley Tree Board was officially established by ordinance on December 7, 2002.  The Board consists of at least five members who are appointed by Kingsley’s Mayor and approved by the City Commissioners. The board’s purpose is to promote the environmental, economic, community and social benefits that healthy, carefully selected trees and plants provide. The board is also responsible for proper management of our City’s trees through a comprehensive urban forestry plan.

Tree Grants: Check with the Tree Board on grants that may be available for tree plantings in front yards and easements (or in the case of residents on corner lots, side yards and easements).

Park Trees

The City Tree Board plans and develops the landscaping in all of Kingsley's public spaces.  Please click on the link below to see a diagram of the current plant and tree inventory (including location and species) in the park.

Storm-Damaged Trees

The Kentucky Division of Forestry has published a very useful article for homeowners on dealing with storm-damaged trees.  Please click on the link below for access to the article 

City of Kingsley

Jefferson County, Kentucky
Tree City USA
Tree City USA

Since February of 2003, Kingsley has enjoyed formal status as a Tree City USA, as recognized by the National Arbor Day Foundation through the Kentucky Department of Forestry.  This recognition contributes to our community's pride, and puts us in touch with other communities and resources which can help us improve and implement our tree management program.